What is your WHY? Would you have the time to get in your car and drive without a destination?”



Mindy Jo Rigel
Mindy Jo Rigel

Examples of SERVICES offered:

  • Goal-setting
  • Career path reflection
  • Resume development
  • Interview preparation
  • Education direction
  • Business building
  • Leadership evaluation
  • Team building talk
  • Invention guidance
  • Author consultation
  • Songwriting snippets
  • & More

It’s Time to BE YOUr Brand!

Branding is beyond creating a business. Branding is wHO YOU ARE as an individual.

Have you ever felt you were destined for more professionally? A feeling as if you have more to offer than what is currently in front of you? Whatever the path is that you are ready to travel, I am here to help you build your brand. BE YOUr Brand! ❤️

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