“I am on a mission to help Others build their brand. a brand is more than a business. it is more than a statement. it is a lifestyle. It’s time to be yOUr Brand.”

– Mindy Jo Rigel, M.b.a. & M.Ed.


I’ve been building and rebuilding my brand for more than 20 years. My credentials include: 14 years of formal education, ranging from business to marketing to education. I thoroughly enjoy learning, and as a middle school educator, hope that I am conveying my passion for learning to my wonderful students in the classroom.

I also have 15 years experience in a leadership role, ranging from retail to real estate to property insurance within a major Fortune 500 corporation. My expertise includes, but is not limited to resume/portfolio creations, interview strategies, team building, customer service deescalation, mentoring and leadership development, and building trust and rapport quickly.

In addition to my “day job” history, I have an entrepreneurial spirit. My entrepreneurship experience includes: product invention, life coaching certification, establishment of LLCs, and ordained ministry certification. I have written numerous books-both nonfiction and fiction, along with recorded original songs I have written.

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